Wednesday, February 28, 2007

101 Ways to Build Link Popularity

This post comes from They have a list of 101 ways to build link popularity, as the title suggests. It's long list but, it's enjoyable to read. I just found so I can't give a full detailed report on it. All I can say is they have tons of good information that I myself am hoping to put into use.

Everyone should read it!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What a boring day.

Nothing exciting happening today. Been doing some homework and such, that's about it. I got a message from Webmastery at about finding an opening in e-cover design since there's a market for it. So that was awesome. I've never thought about it before, but looking around at certain sites you'll see tons of e-cover designs like this over at

I know I've only done something like this ONCE in class. I've seen some pretty good ones, and it's actually not all that hard to do. I'll have to start putting my name out I suppose.

Crazy Dreams...

Last night I had a crazy dream. It involved the world pretty much being devoured by lava. I was at my house and could see it coming towards us in the horizon. It was coming from the South so we started heading North. The lava seemed to be moving faster as we moved farther away from it. The middle parts are kind of fuzzy so I can't really explain them all too well....but it ended up when we got to this area that lava was coming from the other way now, and was going to meet where we were. These 3 nerdy kind of kids came running and said to jump into the lava as soon as the two waves are about to collide. For some reason I did but, when the two waves collided it created this miniature explosion which some how created a barrier like shelter around us. So, me and these 3 guys were in this little "shelter" thing inside this giant lava wave. Then I woke up.

I just hate crazy dreams. These dream felt like it went on forever, there was so much more to it but I just can't remember enough to describe it. Sometimes I have good dreams, other times I'm just like.....what in the hell was that about? lol.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Blog! Your Graphic Design

I have created a new blog title Your Graphic Design. Since I'm in college to become a graphic designer, I might as well put my knowledge to some use. I'll be bringing you tips, tricks, and custom tutorials using for use of your favourite design programs. I'll be teaching you what I've learned from my personal experiences as well I what I've learned in class.
Check it out!

It's a Storm!

Woke up this morning to having no electricity at all, so that sucked. Couldn't shower or anything and the house was pretty cold. I called my girlfriend to let her know when we;d be leaving to go to my aunt and uncle's house for our supper thing. My girlfriend was out of power too and it ended up the whole town was. I don't live in town (I'm outside int he rural area) so it must've been a huge area that was out of power. It eventually cam back on though so that was good.

There had been a bunch of warnings out for freezing rain and everything for tonight, and it finally came a little after supper time. We had gone to our aunt and uncle's house (about a 45 minute drive) for a supper get together thing. It had started snowing there bus it wasn't bad. On our way home though one of the cities we go through was just absolutely covered in snow. You could even see the path ways of cars losing control on the roads. Almost saw a car lose control too, people just don't know how to drive when the weather gets bad.

As we got closer to home the winds picked up and there was more snow. We saw a car in the ditch...and mean it was IN the ditch. It was on the opposite side of the road and looks like the just gunned it right in. Not sure how they managed to do it, but they did. Not sure how long it had been there either, but I don't think it had happened to long ago.

We finally got home safe and sound with the power still on and all is good.

Days in the Life of a Pizza Delivery Boy • Chapter 6

This night starts with an unexpected turn. It was 4:20 PM when the phone rang. I saw on the call display that it was my work calling, "Uh-oh" I thought, uh-oh was right. My boss tells me that I need to come in and deliver for a bit because something is up with the other driver. I said ok and she knew I had plans tonight so I didn't have to work ALL night, just until 9:00 PM.

In my previous chapters I had talked about Friday sand how it was supposed to be busy, then wasn't. Well, tonight was crazy busy! I worked 4:30-9:00 and within those 4 and a half hours I had done that same amount of deliveries as I did last night working 8 hours. The orders were constantly coming in and going out. I managed though, and walked away with some tips.

The party tonight wasn't the greatest but it was still good. Everyone was in The Shack upstairs, that where the kerosene heater is. We also have a bed and couch up there too. The place was packed with people, it's not a big space to begin with so that doesn't help. Everyone of course had been drinking since who knows when so, the party had definitely started without me. I wasn't overly excited to be drinking and my rum and coke just wasn't doing it for me. Not sure why since I haven't been to a party in awhile, oh well maybe next time. Time for me to head to bed though, it's late and we're having this family dinner thing tomorrow (Sunday) so we'll be there almost all day.

My stories will continue...

Saturday, February 24, 2007


I've been seeing a lot of commercials for the movie 300 lately and it's looks absolutely amazing. It doesn't seem like any other movie, it has it's own look and style with amazing graphics and awesome action. Of course this is based on the previews and commercials I've seen. I can't wait to see it though, I hope it'll be as good as it's shown to be.

One of the wallpapers from the 300 site. is a new and fast growing site that allows you to promote your website or blog for FREE using what they call a "card." You create this card yourself to show what your site is all about and to also attract the eyes of all the viewers. You want more traffic? Make you card top notch.

There is no cost to use this site unless you choose to do so and there is no pressure put on your part as to how much you spend on your card if you do choose to spend any at all. The cost-per-day you select will decide where your card is placed on Ultimately, you choose the price you choose where your card is displayed. Visit today and promote your site for free and get the traffic you need.

2006 Ford GT

The Ford GT is easily one of my favourite cars, sucks I'll never be able to own one. Yahoo! has specs, pictures, and overviews of most vehicles. I just love the Ford GT I thought I'd make post about it.

It has tons of power and looks great, what more co you want? The downside is it's cost, it has an MSRP of $184,995. That's scary.

Check out the Yahoo! Auto section on the Ford GT!

The Place to Party - The Shack.

If you go to and search "Zippipper" you'll come across a bunch of videos titled "Shackumentary." The Shack is where most of our parties take place. It's built using the old wood from a barn we tore down at my place. It's 2 floors and has a basement, although the basement is just a mud pit now lol. If you have some time, and don't mind watching idiots screw around then you should check out the videos. Be warned though some are a little long and can take awhile to load depending on your connection. Here's a preview of what goes on at The Shack. These videos are from last year. Also note, I'm not in any of the videos and I don't act like my friends, I'm a little more sane lol.

Days in the Life of a Pizza Delivery Boy • Chapter 5

I arrive home at 12:30 AM.

A disappointment tonight at work, it was not as busy as anticipated it was actually quite slow tonight. Fridays are usually busy due to parties and families having their "Pizza Night" on Fridays. It's the beginning of the weekend, might as well start with Pizza! Not the case tonight.

When I arrived at work there were a bunch of dishes to do, which is expected. Vegetables were needed to be chopped and orders to be made, luckily there were three of us there with 2 more people coming in at 4:30 PM. I didn't have to cut any vegetables tonight, that was all right but it was due to the constant overload of dishes. I do like to cut the green peppers once in a while though.

The weather was good all day and was clear all night. This is a huge relief being as yesterday it was a pretty bad storm all night and I figured it would’ve carried on into today. The temperature did go down to about -18 Celsius tonight, it wasn't bad though since there wasn't a wind and I didn't have that many deliveries once it did get that cold.

Overall I only had 14 deliveries, which is horrible for a Friday night. In total the delivery sales were worth about $320, on a usual Friday it is anywhere between $500 and $700.

At the end of the night between 11:00 and 12:00 (we close at 12:00) there is ALWAYS someone who will want to order, which is never fun since we start sweeping the floors around 11:00, and try to have it all mopped before 12:00, this almost never happens. When people order and if we’ve already mopped, we have to walk over what we’ve mopped then re-mop and/or sweep since we leave footprints on the wet floor and drop the occasional topping while putting it on the pizza. And of course depending on what they have ordered that means more dishes for me. Someone decided to order at 11:40 PM tonight, it takes 20 minutes to make and cook the food, we weren’t happy, and I had to walk over my nice and clean floor, then re-mop, then wait and sit around since I couldn’t mop anywhere else since the customer would be coming in and would get it dirty again anyways.

At the end of the night I’m given the total amount I owe and have to hand it over. After all the money was handed over I had $49 left to myself in tips, it's not the greatest but for a slow night it'll do. The most I have ever made in JUST tips was $98. That was on a Saturday night, which usually aren’t as busy as Fridays. There were a lot of out-of-town deliveries that night which means lots of money for me. The more out-of-town deliveries there are the better since we get to charge them a "delivery charge" of our choice, depending on the mood we're in and how far out they live. All in all I walk out with $105 for 8 hours of work, which equals to $13.125/hour, that’s not bad at all once I think about it. Then again, I’m not guaranteed that money, and it is only 2 nights a week I deliver.

Since I’m not working tomorrow I finally get to go to a party! My friend always has his parties on Saturday night; of course I’m always working, not this time though! It’s going to be fun!

To be continued…

Friday, February 23, 2007

Days in the Life of a Pizza Delivery Boy • Chapter 4

The day begins a little later than it should have. I didn't bother going to my class today since it was just a work period, and barely anyone goes to those anyways. So, I was able to sleep in a little bit. I got up and out of bed just before 12:00 PM since I had to go and pick up my girlfriend from her class, bring her to the house she stays in while at University then bring her home for our March Break. I was about 15, 20 minutes late, so she wasn't happy about that but we managed.

After getting to her place we had some lunch, egg-salad on a flak seed wrap, never had a flak seed wrap before but it was pretty good. After that she got her stuff together, had to write some emails and within and hour or so we were ready to go home.

I'm going to skip through a bunch of my day since I just got home at 3:25 PM and I have to work at 4:00 PM. I got to start getting ready! It's going to be a change working tonight, it's going to be crazy busy with tons of deliveries. Wish me luck! I will return with Chapter 4 tonight.

To be Continued...

Britney Spears, going downhill FAST

Britney Spears is now in rehab for her third time this week! I always figured she would crash and burn some day...but what she's been doing is just ridiculous. I don't want to her kids go to K-Fed, but someone needs to take them away from her fast. I should feel bad for her, but in all reality she's done most of it to herself.

Here's an article from Yahoo! explaining most of it.

Dennis Goddard - Illustration Class

This is one of my teachers talking about drawing and such last week. I didn't capture the video footage, another classmate did.

This is probably a lot funnier to me since he's my teacher and I know exactly how he acts, and he’s always like this. He just gets so excited about drawing…too excited actually. This is just a short little clip.

Notice how empty the class is though? Usually it's full but less than half the class showed up that day, their fault they missed out though I guess lol.

Days in the Life of a Pizza Delivery Boy • Chapter 2

I arrive at work at 3:50 PM. Nice and early and ready to get to work. Thursday night starts with me usually washing, drying, and putting away some dishes and various dirty items. When I arrived tonight I was informed that I already had a delivery order, it usually takes a couple of hours or so before anyone wants anything delivered since Thursdays are slow and most only order around supper time. I take a look at the bill to see who it is and to get an idea of where I’m going. This order is just up the road from the store at an old friend's house, so that's cool. I grab a slice of pizza to eat before the supper rush hits.

When the order is ready its time for me to head out. Once I get there I'm not even at the door yet and the girl inside opens it. "Sean!" She yells. I haven’t seen her in a long time since she's gone to university 2 hours away. Her March Break is a week before mine (this week) so that's why she was home. We talk a bit ask how school is going and such; it was good to see her again. Back to the store I go.

The traffic was pretty heavy at this point and of course backing out of the laneway onto the main highway is pretty tricky, you have to be quick, fast, and back out at the right time. After waiting a couple of minutes or so before I get a chance to go. I gun it backwards onto the road stick the car in first then I'm off, the traffic coming up on my ass is not doing the speed limit so I had to make sure they didn't come right up on me. I turn the corner to go around the block and head towards the store.

Since it's not busy at this point there isn't much to do. Make sure everything is clean keep washing the pans and any other stuff that needs to be washed. I keep this up the whole night when not busy.

The orders start rolling in around suppertime, which is what usually happens. With three of us only working it's gets kind of hard to keep up but we did it. I didn't have many deliveries tonight; it was about $210 worth in total, which is all right but not the greatest.

The best part of the night would have to be when a woman asked if we had delivery, I told her, "Yes, we do,”
she responded with, "Oh good! I don't want to have to drive in this horrible weather." “Thanks,” I think to myself.
I know it's my job and all but still, don't rub it in on how horrible the weather is and how no one should be driving in it, then ask for me to bring you your food.

This night was not filled with much excitement, work and work, drive and drive, that's about it. Also, being tired from getting up early and spending my day at school doesn’t help me remember everything that happened. Tomorrow (Friday) night will be a little different I presume. I haven’t worked a Friday in a long time, and Fridays actually scare me a little, it’s crazy busy and leaving with multiple orders at one time it gets a little confusing. The tips on the other hand are better due to more orders and more people being drunk.

In the end, some people tip well, the highest tonight was $5 with the lowest being 12cents. We have some pretty generous people around here, and they get more generous when the weather is bad


To be continued...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Days in the Life of a Pizza Delivery Boy • Chapter 1

February 22, 2007

The day begins off early since I have to be in class for 9:00 AM. I wake up and my bedside clock radio is shining its blue lights in my eyes, 8:10 AM it reads. I think to myself, "I have a bit of time to sleep just a little more." I then remember that in my 9:00 class I have a test! I jump out of bed and head downstairs to take a shower. After showering and getting nice and clean I take a look at the kitchen clock, 8:00 AM. I think for a bit... oh yeah, good thing I set my bedside clock 10 minutes before the actual time. So now it feels I've gained a bit of extra time and head back upstairs gradually to grab some clothes. After getting dressed, and gathering all of my school stuff together, it's time to head out.

As I go outside I notice the weather isn't as good as the last couple days have been. It's cloudy outside this morning with a slight wind; the past couple of days it has been bright, sunny, and warm. Seeing this bad weather always gets me down. I take a look at my car, must've snowed last night, my car is covered with it. That's fine though, it's not too much so I can clean it off easily. I unlock then get in my car and put my book bag down on the passenger seat. I start it up then grab my car brush/ice scrapper and start clearing off the snow. The snow was wet and heavy and covering all of my windows. It would've been perfect for having a snowball fight but, with no one around to play with and a test to write that wasn't going to happen.

The roads into school are nice and slippery due to the warm days and cold nights. This won’t be fun at all. From home it's about a 20-minute drive if the world is good to me. The roads are clear of traffic, it's good, and I’m able to set my own speed. The roads begin to clear up of the snow and slush; this is also a good thing. I'm almost there, I get into town and the traffic begins. Vehicles are coming from everywhere with each owner feeling that they are the only ones on the road. I'm calm and take my time, today I left home early and have made good time, I’ll be early for class today.

I get to class and sit at a computer then go online so I can check my emails and play a couple of games before the teacher comes. The teacher walks in the door a couple of minutes before class starts. She says we'll do review then start the test, awesome, I had forgot we were going to do review before the test. Oh look, a new game, I drift in and out between the game and what the teacher is saying. "The test will be easy, I'll be fine" I keep thinking to myself, back to the game. I lose. Test time!

After switching seats and moving away from everyone as instructed the teacher begins handing out the "Scan-Tron" papers, sheets of paper where we fill in little boxes with our answers. The test consists of ‘multiple choice’ and ‘true and false' questions, awesome, this is good. Wait, the “Scan-Tron” page has two sides with 250 answer spaces in total, this isn't good. The teacher informs us the test is only 50 questions and that those other 200 are there because that's just how the papers are printed, that's a huge relief for me. As I start looking at the questions, I realize that the majority of the questions don't ring a bell at all, damn online Flash games. Good thing for multiple choice and the process of elimination, some answers to the questions made sense and others didn't, perfect, pick the ones that sound right and I’m good to go. I continue to answer each one until I reach the end. After handing it in it's time to go for breakfast. I go out in the hall where on of my friends was waiting as he finished 2 or 3 minutes before me. We asked each other how it went, laughed because we didn't know the answers, but feel good and confident enough that we did good. Not a minute later our other friend comes out and it's off to get some food, it's now 10:15 AM.

I order pancakes for breakfast, the best part is that the three of us are their so often all we have to do is walk up and the lady knows exactly what we want and has it written down before we're at the counter. I usually change my order though, so everyday it's something new. Today was the first time I've had their pancakes, yesterday I had a waffle with strawberry sauce, it was delicious. We finish eating and my friend pulls out his laptop so we can look up some videos on for a good laugh.

After having a good laugh at some watching some videos I start contemplating whether or not I want to go to my next class. I know we'll just sit there and have to draw stuff, and I'm already not feeling good from all the pancakes and waking up early and that stuff. My one friend tells me that we get our projects back today, so I stay around so I can get it back. Once we get up to class and wait for the teacher to come, we get the projects back; I got an A-, nice. Then I'm off, but not towards home just yet. I drive over to my girlfriend's house for a surprise visit. She was just getting ready for class so my timing was perfect. After she gets ready and gathers her school stuff I take her and her roommate to class. Now, time to head home.

The weather is even worse than before, it's snowing and the wind has picked up greatly. Once I get out of town I have a hard time keeping my car straight, the wind is blowing into the side trying to push me and my car off the road, I won't have any of it and proceed to defeat the wind and its ways. The closer I get to home though the more the wind picks up. I get onto my road finally safe and sound and with just one kilometer to go, but it's one kilometer of wet and slushy gravel. With the combination of the wind and road conditions it was the worst kilometer I've driven in awhile, the road is now trying to pull me into the ditch with the help of the slush and wind. I get to my laneway, stop and get out of the car to check if we have mail. I can see the car tire tracks so I know the mail has come, someone has already gotten it. The red flag on the mailbox to inform of such a situation has not worked ever since I can remember. It really needs to be fixed. After parking my car and grabbing my book bag and project I run into the house to get out of the wind. Home at last. It's just after 2:00 PM.

As I write this it is now 3:33 PM and work as a Pizza Delivery Boy begins at 4:00 PM. Better start getting ready for work, the night hasn't even started.

To be continued...

British Columbia's Best Ski Resorts

Here's a link from Sympatico/MSN Travel showing a nice photo gallery of BC's top resorts. They have some really good pictures you can check out.

I've never been to BC, but would like to go sometime to do some snowboarding and/or mountain biking, depending on the season I go.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Internet's Biggest Google Whores

The article Internet's Biggest Google Whores by John Chow is a crazy article of the top earners using Google AdSense. It's insane what people are making! It's an older article but I suggest checking it out anyways.

Photoshop Fun

I decided to have a little fun in Photoshop, so I took a picture using my iSight and edited it in Photoshop. The original is on the top with the edited on the bottom.
Just something to do while sitting here haha.

Ah, What a Nice Day!

Another nice day here in South-Western Ontario! I woke up this morning, got on my boots and winter coat, walked out side and it was warm! It's getting warmer out now by the second too. At the moment it is 3 degrees Celsius according to my thermometer. I actually went outside in my t-shirt to snap some pictures it's so nice out! I'll get the pictures up as soon as I can!
I guess the nice day will make up for the whole car thing this morning.


Reminder of my previous post about my Favourite Sites reviews. If your interested in making a bit of money check my reviews out.

What is it with everyone against me?

The morning starts out fine and I'm on my way to school. I'm driving and everything is going good, I see someone get pulled over so that was kinda cool. I came to a stop light and I'm sitting behind this older Toyota Corolla waiting for the light to turn green. We get the advanced green and start, this car is blowing blue exhaust like crazy! That means it's burning oil, and man did it stink. So I'm stuck behind this car with this nasty smell (I backed off but it still stunk pretty bad) I shut off the air and put down the windows to get the smell out of my car. Luckily the campus was right by there so I was able to get away from the stink. As I was on campus I came to a four-way stop, I stop obviously, wait for my turn to go, then went straight so I could get to my parking lot. Out of the parking lot to my right this girl comes flying out RIGHT in front of me (going the the left of me)without even looking and almost cream right into her. She was driving a newer Civic so I guess she assumed everyone would stop for her no matter what she did.

Then I look in my mirror and see that she didn't even stop for the four-way stop!

That isn't the worst that's happened but, it seems everyday someone is out to get me on road.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007 is Back Up! is finally back up! For a couple of days whenever I've tried to access the site it came back with an error but, now it seems to working good which is awesome!

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, is a website where you get paid to use their search engine. It's like using any other search engine, but this one PAYS you to use it. I suggest Checking it out!

Thank You Foxy Tunes!

I've just found out about this site/Mozilla Plug-in. It allows you to control your music within your browser, which is awesome since I was spending so much time switching between applications to change songs. Well, it was more of an annoyance than anything.

They are currently working on and Internet Explorer plug-in for you IE users but, Firefox is much better anyways ;).
Check out Foxy Tunes and get the plug-in!

Well, time to get at some homework...maybe

Class is over for the day and I have some semi-comps due tomorrow! The project I'm working on is to create 4 stickers for a local company who will then sell them if they are chosen We will get royalty payments IF the stickers do sell. So, it's a school project AND a chance at getting a little extra money for our work. Can't complain about that! to Illustrator I go!

Insurance Portal

Insurance Portal Online
Insurance Portal Online offers the #1 source for online insurance Qoutes for Term Life, Auto Insurance, and Home Owners policy. Insurance Portal Online is a small US based firm that offers the best knowledge and customer service team.

Insurance Portal Online has many great features, along with a nice design, to help out anyone searching for the lowest insurance rates in the USA. They offer a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to answer the most common questions asked and provide great answers to help you out. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for they have and easy to use contact page set-up for you to easily email them with any questions and concerns.

Along with the ease of use and great information provided their site design helps you, the viewer, feel comfortable. Supporting up to date graphics yet keeping the layout clean and simple, which means they mean business and will do it right. Check out Insurance Portal Online today to get a quote for all of your insurance needs.

Ah yes, my dream car..Illustrated!

This was a project we had to do last semester, choose a vehicle of our choice, redraw it and create a poster. This is just the car portion, I cropped out the rest since it's not as interesting. All of this was done using Adobe Illustrator CS2 only, and I can say I am very proud of it.

Check out my Illustrated 350Z

Comments are always welcome.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Free Wallpapers!

Here are some wallpapers I made years ago. They were created following some tutorials when I was first learning Photoshop. I had forgot about them until now, I just found them on my account and thought someone might like them!

1 -Flower Like-

2 - Ice Wall-

3 - Blue Metal water-

4 - Liquid Orange-

Ninja Attack! Yes, I am serious.

Original Source

"A man armed with a sword and dressed as a ninja attempted to rob the Richfield Lunds Market Jan. 27 but left empty-handed.

Witnesses told police they thought the masked man in black, who entered Lunds, 6228 Penn Ave. S., was joking at first, said Lt. Todd Sandell of the Richfield Police Department....."

Click Original Source above for full article.

I don't even know how to respond to's just wow, a ninja? People seem to be getting more creative nowadays. It's good to hear that no one was injured and the criminal wasn't able to get anything. Hopefully he is caught soon.

A security video would be kinda funny to see.

10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

An interesting and very helpful post written by John Chow.

Favourite Site Reviews
After searching various sites looking for tips and tricks to making money online, I came across this site. What I liked the most were his articles on earning money using Google using Google AdSense and AdWords. There have been many sites I've come across that give tips and tricks, I feel though that this one had provided me with the best and more detailed information.
In a previous post I had talked about but I would like to get into more detail about it. It's basis is to make money for you Opinions. There are various topics started by other users where you have the chance to give your opinion, and get paid for it too. As expected with any site such as this there are those that feel like spamming will actually get them somewhere. Luckily Dorm Check has a great team of moderators that spend countless hours helping to solve the spam problem, which in turn leaves the site's discussions looking clean and leaves the rewards for those that deserve it. I've been a member now for 5 days and am close to earning $5...not bad at all. This won't get you rich quick, but I feel like it a great opportunity for those with a bit of extra time they can put towards expressing their opinions.

- The first feature I'd like to talk about are called Boosters you can sign-up to various sites and can be rewarded anywhere from $0.15 to $85!
- The next feature is upgrading your account to a Gold Membership status, this is not needed to use the site, but can help you in the long run. Gold Members get paid more per post and get access to a "Gold Members Only" forum where they can hang-out and discuss whatever, and even enter "Gold Member Only" contests.
- Third feature involve "PTC" ads, members are paid a certain amount of money to click these banner ads. Any member can ad there website banner to the list for a small fee.
- Last, but not least, a fun little feature they offer are called "Grab Bags." For a small price you can buy a Grab Bag, it's contents are unknown at the time of purchase, so this makes it a little more fun. You can win referrals (when new members sign-up who do not include a referral name you get the referral credit) or win banner impressions, or extra money.

As of now I'm spending most of my time on Dorm Check since I find it to be the most fun. is another site where you are paid for your opinions. It seems to me that myLot has a less pay-per-post amount, but they do offer more categories open for discussion than Dorm Check so, that means more opportunities to post and earn. The two main complaints I have with
myLot would be there overall layout and site design. It just seems too bland and boring for my taste. Sure, it's nice and simple but, I feel they should have a layout that offers a little more "up to date" feel. offers a "viewbar" you download and install into your browser, and in turn you are paid for the time you are surfing the internet. I can't really give a full review of the site since it is in Beta, but it look like it'll turn out to be a lot of fun. is a blog I've recently come across. His blog offers information on anything you can think of. I'm still in the process of searching through all of his posts but what I've seen so far I feel that the information he has to offer can be of benefit to everyone.

That's all of the reviews for now. The more sites I find I feel worthy to check out I'll post up my review here. Thanks for reading!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

This Also Gets a Cool! Tag

The Top 25 Strangest Houses

These are some really cool buildings! They look very unsafe and unrealistic but here they are! Some I'd love to go see....others though, I'm not too sure about.


Pictures of the tallest hotel in the world

Check out these pics off of I'm not taking credit for any of them, these are just some awesome pictures taken by some members. Check them out!

Dorm Check.

I've been spending crazy amounts of time on Dorm and I advise you to all check it out! You get paid for your opinions, and are able to complete "boosters" to earn more money and most of those are free. It's a good opportunity to earn a little bit of money if you spend some of your extra time posting ;)

On another note.....thinking about starting a little comic to add to my blog any thoughts? Would that keep you coming back.

Also, remember to click on the images for a larger view!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Thanks for visiting!

Hey everyone thanks for checking out my blog. I’ve been a little busy lately, but I'll try to get some more content up here. I'll soon be adding work that I've created so it won't be just photos I've taken. I'm also working on my portfolio, as slow as it may be going, but it's getting there. Check out Dinner Designs to see some of the work I have up there. I'll hopefully have more to offer soon so stayed tuned! Also, if anyone would like me create or help with any sort of design or anything of the sort, give me shout!


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pics of the day!

More pictures! So, they might not have been taken all on the same day, but still good pics none the less! :)

Friday, February 9, 2007

Second Set, Featuring the Accord

Alright, here's my second addition to my picture set. Just some pictures I've taken of the Accord :D.

First Set of pictures...

Here is my first set of pictures. These have not been edited and are the original pictures. I have the pictures posted in a lot of depending on who you are you might have seen them already :).

My photographs

I'm trying to get a little more into photography, I haven't been one much for it, I hate having my picture taken...but some days when the weather is good everything just seems to look better. Once I have my pictures uploaded I'll "add them as I snap them" I guess I could say :)