Saturday, February 24, 2007


I've been seeing a lot of commercials for the movie 300 lately and it's looks absolutely amazing. It doesn't seem like any other movie, it has it's own look and style with amazing graphics and awesome action. Of course this is based on the previews and commercials I've seen. I can't wait to see it though, I hope it'll be as good as it's shown to be.

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2006 Ford GT

The Ford GT is easily one of my favourite cars, sucks I'll never be able to own one. Yahoo! has specs, pictures, and overviews of most vehicles. I just love the Ford GT I thought I'd make post about it.

It has tons of power and looks great, what more co you want? The downside is it's cost, it has an MSRP of $184,995. That's scary.

Check out the Yahoo! Auto section on the Ford GT!

The Place to Party - The Shack.

If you go to and search "Zippipper" you'll come across a bunch of videos titled "Shackumentary." The Shack is where most of our parties take place. It's built using the old wood from a barn we tore down at my place. It's 2 floors and has a basement, although the basement is just a mud pit now lol. If you have some time, and don't mind watching idiots screw around then you should check out the videos. Be warned though some are a little long and can take awhile to load depending on your connection. Here's a preview of what goes on at The Shack. These videos are from last year. Also note, I'm not in any of the videos and I don't act like my friends, I'm a little more sane lol.

Days in the Life of a Pizza Delivery Boy • Chapter 5

I arrive home at 12:30 AM.

A disappointment tonight at work, it was not as busy as anticipated it was actually quite slow tonight. Fridays are usually busy due to parties and families having their "Pizza Night" on Fridays. It's the beginning of the weekend, might as well start with Pizza! Not the case tonight.

When I arrived at work there were a bunch of dishes to do, which is expected. Vegetables were needed to be chopped and orders to be made, luckily there were three of us there with 2 more people coming in at 4:30 PM. I didn't have to cut any vegetables tonight, that was all right but it was due to the constant overload of dishes. I do like to cut the green peppers once in a while though.

The weather was good all day and was clear all night. This is a huge relief being as yesterday it was a pretty bad storm all night and I figured it would’ve carried on into today. The temperature did go down to about -18 Celsius tonight, it wasn't bad though since there wasn't a wind and I didn't have that many deliveries once it did get that cold.

Overall I only had 14 deliveries, which is horrible for a Friday night. In total the delivery sales were worth about $320, on a usual Friday it is anywhere between $500 and $700.

At the end of the night between 11:00 and 12:00 (we close at 12:00) there is ALWAYS someone who will want to order, which is never fun since we start sweeping the floors around 11:00, and try to have it all mopped before 12:00, this almost never happens. When people order and if we’ve already mopped, we have to walk over what we’ve mopped then re-mop and/or sweep since we leave footprints on the wet floor and drop the occasional topping while putting it on the pizza. And of course depending on what they have ordered that means more dishes for me. Someone decided to order at 11:40 PM tonight, it takes 20 minutes to make and cook the food, we weren’t happy, and I had to walk over my nice and clean floor, then re-mop, then wait and sit around since I couldn’t mop anywhere else since the customer would be coming in and would get it dirty again anyways.

At the end of the night I’m given the total amount I owe and have to hand it over. After all the money was handed over I had $49 left to myself in tips, it's not the greatest but for a slow night it'll do. The most I have ever made in JUST tips was $98. That was on a Saturday night, which usually aren’t as busy as Fridays. There were a lot of out-of-town deliveries that night which means lots of money for me. The more out-of-town deliveries there are the better since we get to charge them a "delivery charge" of our choice, depending on the mood we're in and how far out they live. All in all I walk out with $105 for 8 hours of work, which equals to $13.125/hour, that’s not bad at all once I think about it. Then again, I’m not guaranteed that money, and it is only 2 nights a week I deliver.

Since I’m not working tomorrow I finally get to go to a party! My friend always has his parties on Saturday night; of course I’m always working, not this time though! It’s going to be fun!

To be continued…