Friday, February 23, 2007

Days in the Life of a Pizza Delivery Boy • Chapter 4

The day begins a little later than it should have. I didn't bother going to my class today since it was just a work period, and barely anyone goes to those anyways. So, I was able to sleep in a little bit. I got up and out of bed just before 12:00 PM since I had to go and pick up my girlfriend from her class, bring her to the house she stays in while at University then bring her home for our March Break. I was about 15, 20 minutes late, so she wasn't happy about that but we managed.

After getting to her place we had some lunch, egg-salad on a flak seed wrap, never had a flak seed wrap before but it was pretty good. After that she got her stuff together, had to write some emails and within and hour or so we were ready to go home.

I'm going to skip through a bunch of my day since I just got home at 3:25 PM and I have to work at 4:00 PM. I got to start getting ready! It's going to be a change working tonight, it's going to be crazy busy with tons of deliveries. Wish me luck! I will return with Chapter 4 tonight.

To be Continued...

Britney Spears, going downhill FAST

Britney Spears is now in rehab for her third time this week! I always figured she would crash and burn some day...but what she's been doing is just ridiculous. I don't want to her kids go to K-Fed, but someone needs to take them away from her fast. I should feel bad for her, but in all reality she's done most of it to herself.

Here's an article from Yahoo! explaining most of it.

Dennis Goddard - Illustration Class

This is one of my teachers talking about drawing and such last week. I didn't capture the video footage, another classmate did.

This is probably a lot funnier to me since he's my teacher and I know exactly how he acts, and he’s always like this. He just gets so excited about drawing…too excited actually. This is just a short little clip.

Notice how empty the class is though? Usually it's full but less than half the class showed up that day, their fault they missed out though I guess lol.

Days in the Life of a Pizza Delivery Boy • Chapter 2

I arrive at work at 3:50 PM. Nice and early and ready to get to work. Thursday night starts with me usually washing, drying, and putting away some dishes and various dirty items. When I arrived tonight I was informed that I already had a delivery order, it usually takes a couple of hours or so before anyone wants anything delivered since Thursdays are slow and most only order around supper time. I take a look at the bill to see who it is and to get an idea of where I’m going. This order is just up the road from the store at an old friend's house, so that's cool. I grab a slice of pizza to eat before the supper rush hits.

When the order is ready its time for me to head out. Once I get there I'm not even at the door yet and the girl inside opens it. "Sean!" She yells. I haven’t seen her in a long time since she's gone to university 2 hours away. Her March Break is a week before mine (this week) so that's why she was home. We talk a bit ask how school is going and such; it was good to see her again. Back to the store I go.

The traffic was pretty heavy at this point and of course backing out of the laneway onto the main highway is pretty tricky, you have to be quick, fast, and back out at the right time. After waiting a couple of minutes or so before I get a chance to go. I gun it backwards onto the road stick the car in first then I'm off, the traffic coming up on my ass is not doing the speed limit so I had to make sure they didn't come right up on me. I turn the corner to go around the block and head towards the store.

Since it's not busy at this point there isn't much to do. Make sure everything is clean keep washing the pans and any other stuff that needs to be washed. I keep this up the whole night when not busy.

The orders start rolling in around suppertime, which is what usually happens. With three of us only working it's gets kind of hard to keep up but we did it. I didn't have many deliveries tonight; it was about $210 worth in total, which is all right but not the greatest.

The best part of the night would have to be when a woman asked if we had delivery, I told her, "Yes, we do,”
she responded with, "Oh good! I don't want to have to drive in this horrible weather." “Thanks,” I think to myself.
I know it's my job and all but still, don't rub it in on how horrible the weather is and how no one should be driving in it, then ask for me to bring you your food.

This night was not filled with much excitement, work and work, drive and drive, that's about it. Also, being tired from getting up early and spending my day at school doesn’t help me remember everything that happened. Tomorrow (Friday) night will be a little different I presume. I haven’t worked a Friday in a long time, and Fridays actually scare me a little, it’s crazy busy and leaving with multiple orders at one time it gets a little confusing. The tips on the other hand are better due to more orders and more people being drunk.

In the end, some people tip well, the highest tonight was $5 with the lowest being 12cents. We have some pretty generous people around here, and they get more generous when the weather is bad


To be continued...