Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Importance Of Deep Linking � John Chow dot Com

The Importance Of Deep Linking � John Chow dot Com

Here's another great article by John Chow on the importance of deep linking, if the title didn't give it away already. He talks about why deep linking is important and how it can benefit you and your blog. I suggest reading it over once or twice and put his advise to use, he knows what he'd doing ;).


Spicypage | Submit your site or blog free, let community vote on it, view most popular

I've just found this site and added my other blog (Your Graphic Design) to it. It seems like a nice community to post your site and have people rate and comment on it, also good to help get some traffic coming your way. Since I just signed up I can't really say much about it, but it's worth checking out!

Volleyball Tournament at MAC Univeristy

This morning I got up early so I could get picked up by friend's mom to go watch the last bit of a volleyball tournament at Mac University in Hamilton, Ontario. My friend goes to school there and his mom just lives up the road so I tagged along lol.

There were 4 games today, the last being the final/"gold medal round." The two last teams competing for the gold were a university form Winnipeg against a university from Alberta. The set-up was best 3 out of 5 games, and they ended up playing all five games. It was some intense volleyball (not sure how many fans of volleyball are there) but, it was great to watch.

One thing that surprised me was the amount of missed serves. Either the serves were going out or into the net...and it wasn't just once or twice, it was happening a lot. I know my coach would've killed us if we lost that many serves. Overall it was great to watch some real university volleyball live. I'm so tired though I'm ready for bed....and it's only 9:10 PM lol.

It's a Short One Tonight

Just a quick little post tonight. I have to go to MAC University early tomorrow morning to watch a volleyball tournament, and it's about a 2 hour drive. I should already be in bed, but I have to blog! Lol.

Work was good. It stormed off and on all night, again i had 14 deliveries, which is weird. The last little while I keep getting the same amount of deliveries...*confused*

Anyways, off to bed I go! Not sure when I'll be back tomorrow. It just all depends on the weather and everything.