Tuesday, February 20, 2007

SlashmySearch.com is Back Up!

SlashmySearch.com is finally back up! For a couple of days whenever I've tried to access the site it came back with an error but, now it seems to working good which is awesome!

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, SlashmySearch.com is a website where you get paid to use their search engine. It's like using any other search engine, but this one PAYS you to use it. I suggest Checking it out!

Thank You Foxy Tunes!

I've just found out about this site/Mozilla Plug-in. It allows you to control your music within your browser, which is awesome since I was spending so much time switching between applications to change songs. Well, it was more of an annoyance than anything.

They are currently working on and Internet Explorer plug-in for you IE users but, Firefox is much better anyways ;).
Check out Foxy Tunes and get the plug-in!

Well, time to get at some homework...maybe

Class is over for the day and I have some semi-comps due tomorrow! The project I'm working on is to create 4 stickers for a local company who will then sell them if they are chosen We will get royalty payments IF the stickers do sell. So, it's a school project AND a chance at getting a little extra money for our work. Can't complain about that! Now...off to Illustrator I go!

Insurance Portal Online.com

Insurance Portal Online
Insurance Portal Online offers the #1 source for online insurance Qoutes for Term Life, Auto Insurance, and Home Owners policy. Insurance Portal Online is a small US based firm that offers the best knowledge and customer service team.

Insurance Portal Online has many great features, along with a nice design, to help out anyone searching for the lowest insurance rates in the USA. They offer a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to answer the most common questions asked and provide great answers to help you out. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for they have and easy to use contact page set-up for you to easily email them with any questions and concerns.

Along with the ease of use and great information provided their site design helps you, the viewer, feel comfortable. Supporting up to date graphics yet keeping the layout clean and simple, which means they mean business and will do it right. Check out Insurance Portal Online today to get a quote for all of your insurance needs.

Ah yes, my dream car..Illustrated!

This was a project we had to do last semester, choose a vehicle of our choice, redraw it and create a poster. This is just the car portion, I cropped out the rest since it's not as interesting. All of this was done using Adobe Illustrator CS2 only, and I can say I am very proud of it.

Check out my Illustrated 350Z

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