Monday, March 5, 2007

Good Thing I Stayed Home.

I was sitting here in my room on my laptop when I heard a truck air horn go off. I look outside and see that my dad got his truck and trailer stuck at the end of our laneway when he was trying to turn in. It ends up there was a pretty big drift there after the snow plows had gone by this morning. When they go by they always leave a whole bunch of extra snow at the end of our laneway then with the wind lowing like crazy and all the snow the drift gets bigger and bigger. Good thing I was home though to help pull him out. We just got our other truck hooked 'er up and floored it. All tires were spinning since our laneway is icy but, we got the truck and trailer out! It was fun lol. Oh, our other truck is a Dodge Ram 3500 V6 Cummins Twin-Turbo Diesel....gotta love the power of a ram :).

BlogSire � The Importance Of Hosting Your Own Blog!

BlogSire � The Importance Of Hosting Your Own Blog!

Here's an article from Blog Sire talking about the importance of hosting your blog, instead of using a free host such as Blogger It's a short article but, provides some info if you want to start hosting your own blog. I'm thinking of possibly switching in the future to Wordpress and having my very own site. That way I'll have more freedom, and be able to have my portfolio and everything all in one place.

First Day Back to School from March Break

But, I'm not going lol. I do have a reason though! It's storming here like crazy and I'm in no mood to go driving out in it when I can just stay home and do the work here. My teacher has what we need to do online so it's not like I'm totally missing out. I also just got a call not too long ago from my girlfriend saying it's storming really bad where she is (she's close to where I'm supposed to be lol) so I figure I might as well stay home where I'm safe.