Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Internet's Biggest Google Whores

The article Internet's Biggest Google Whores by John Chow is a crazy article of the top earners using Google AdSense. It's insane what people are making! It's an older article but I suggest checking it out anyways.

Photoshop Fun

I decided to have a little fun in Photoshop, so I took a picture using my iSight and edited it in Photoshop. The original is on the top with the edited on the bottom.
Just something to do while sitting here haha.

Ah, What a Nice Day!

Another nice day here in South-Western Ontario! I woke up this morning, got on my boots and winter coat, walked out side and it was warm! It's getting warmer out now by the second too. At the moment it is 3 degrees Celsius according to my thermometer. I actually went outside in my t-shirt to snap some pictures it's so nice out! I'll get the pictures up as soon as I can!
I guess the nice day will make up for the whole car thing this morning.


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What is it with everyone against me?

The morning starts out fine and I'm on my way to school. I'm driving and everything is going good, I see someone get pulled over so that was kinda cool. I came to a stop light and I'm sitting behind this older Toyota Corolla waiting for the light to turn green. We get the advanced green and start, this car is blowing blue exhaust like crazy! That means it's burning oil, and man did it stink. So I'm stuck behind this car with this nasty smell (I backed off but it still stunk pretty bad) I shut off the air and put down the windows to get the smell out of my car. Luckily the campus was right by there so I was able to get away from the stink. As I was on campus I came to a four-way stop, I stop obviously, wait for my turn to go, then went straight so I could get to my parking lot. Out of the parking lot to my right this girl comes flying out RIGHT in front of me (going the the left of me)without even looking and almost cream right into her. She was driving a newer Civic so I guess she assumed everyone would stop for her no matter what she did.

Then I look in my mirror and see that she didn't even stop for the four-way stop!

That isn't the worst that's happened but, it seems everyday someone is out to get me on road.