Sunday, February 18, 2007

This Also Gets a Cool! Tag

The Top 25 Strangest Houses

These are some really cool buildings! They look very unsafe and unrealistic but here they are! Some I'd love to go see....others though, I'm not too sure about.


Pictures of the tallest hotel in the world

Check out these pics off of I'm not taking credit for any of them, these are just some awesome pictures taken by some members. Check them out!

Dorm Check.

I've been spending crazy amounts of time on Dorm and I advise you to all check it out! You get paid for your opinions, and are able to complete "boosters" to earn more money and most of those are free. It's a good opportunity to earn a little bit of money if you spend some of your extra time posting ;)

On another note.....thinking about starting a little comic to add to my blog any thoughts? Would that keep you coming back.

Also, remember to click on the images for a larger view!