Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What a boring day.

Nothing exciting happening today. Been doing some homework and such, that's about it. I got a message from Webmastery at MyBlogLog.com about finding an opening in e-cover design since there's a market for it. So that was awesome. I've never thought about it before, but looking around at certain sites you'll see tons of e-cover designs like this over at DayJobKiller.com

I know I've only done something like this ONCE in class. I've seen some pretty good ones, and it's actually not all that hard to do. I'll have to start putting my name out I suppose.

Crazy Dreams...

Last night I had a crazy dream. It involved the world pretty much being devoured by lava. I was at my house and could see it coming towards us in the horizon. It was coming from the South so we started heading North. The lava seemed to be moving faster as we moved farther away from it. The middle parts are kind of fuzzy so I can't really explain them all too well....but it ended up when we got to this area that lava was coming from the other way now, and was going to meet where we were. These 3 nerdy kind of kids came running and said to jump into the lava as soon as the two waves are about to collide. For some reason I did but, when the two waves collided it created this miniature explosion which some how created a barrier like shelter around us. So, me and these 3 guys were in this little "shelter" thing inside this giant lava wave. Then I woke up.

I just hate crazy dreams. These dream felt like it went on forever, there was so much more to it but I just can't remember enough to describe it. Sometimes I have good dreams, other times I'm just like.....what in the hell was that about? lol.