Friday, February 23, 2007

Days in the Life of a Pizza Delivery Boy • Chapter 4

The day begins a little later than it should have. I didn't bother going to my class today since it was just a work period, and barely anyone goes to those anyways. So, I was able to sleep in a little bit. I got up and out of bed just before 12:00 PM since I had to go and pick up my girlfriend from her class, bring her to the house she stays in while at University then bring her home for our March Break. I was about 15, 20 minutes late, so she wasn't happy about that but we managed.

After getting to her place we had some lunch, egg-salad on a flak seed wrap, never had a flak seed wrap before but it was pretty good. After that she got her stuff together, had to write some emails and within and hour or so we were ready to go home.

I'm going to skip through a bunch of my day since I just got home at 3:25 PM and I have to work at 4:00 PM. I got to start getting ready! It's going to be a change working tonight, it's going to be crazy busy with tons of deliveries. Wish me luck! I will return with Chapter 4 tonight.

To be Continued...


kahealani said...

Why is TODAY going to be busy? I guess a lot of people buy pizza on a friday night huh?

Dinner said...

You're right. Friday just seems to be "the night" for pizza. There's usually parties going on and kids want pizza to mark the beginning of the weekend lol.