Thursday, February 22, 2007

Days in the Life of a Pizza Delivery Boy • Chapter 1

February 22, 2007

The day begins off early since I have to be in class for 9:00 AM. I wake up and my bedside clock radio is shining its blue lights in my eyes, 8:10 AM it reads. I think to myself, "I have a bit of time to sleep just a little more." I then remember that in my 9:00 class I have a test! I jump out of bed and head downstairs to take a shower. After showering and getting nice and clean I take a look at the kitchen clock, 8:00 AM. I think for a bit... oh yeah, good thing I set my bedside clock 10 minutes before the actual time. So now it feels I've gained a bit of extra time and head back upstairs gradually to grab some clothes. After getting dressed, and gathering all of my school stuff together, it's time to head out.

As I go outside I notice the weather isn't as good as the last couple days have been. It's cloudy outside this morning with a slight wind; the past couple of days it has been bright, sunny, and warm. Seeing this bad weather always gets me down. I take a look at my car, must've snowed last night, my car is covered with it. That's fine though, it's not too much so I can clean it off easily. I unlock then get in my car and put my book bag down on the passenger seat. I start it up then grab my car brush/ice scrapper and start clearing off the snow. The snow was wet and heavy and covering all of my windows. It would've been perfect for having a snowball fight but, with no one around to play with and a test to write that wasn't going to happen.

The roads into school are nice and slippery due to the warm days and cold nights. This won’t be fun at all. From home it's about a 20-minute drive if the world is good to me. The roads are clear of traffic, it's good, and I’m able to set my own speed. The roads begin to clear up of the snow and slush; this is also a good thing. I'm almost there, I get into town and the traffic begins. Vehicles are coming from everywhere with each owner feeling that they are the only ones on the road. I'm calm and take my time, today I left home early and have made good time, I’ll be early for class today.

I get to class and sit at a computer then go online so I can check my emails and play a couple of games before the teacher comes. The teacher walks in the door a couple of minutes before class starts. She says we'll do review then start the test, awesome, I had forgot we were going to do review before the test. Oh look, a new game, I drift in and out between the game and what the teacher is saying. "The test will be easy, I'll be fine" I keep thinking to myself, back to the game. I lose. Test time!

After switching seats and moving away from everyone as instructed the teacher begins handing out the "Scan-Tron" papers, sheets of paper where we fill in little boxes with our answers. The test consists of ‘multiple choice’ and ‘true and false' questions, awesome, this is good. Wait, the “Scan-Tron” page has two sides with 250 answer spaces in total, this isn't good. The teacher informs us the test is only 50 questions and that those other 200 are there because that's just how the papers are printed, that's a huge relief for me. As I start looking at the questions, I realize that the majority of the questions don't ring a bell at all, damn online Flash games. Good thing for multiple choice and the process of elimination, some answers to the questions made sense and others didn't, perfect, pick the ones that sound right and I’m good to go. I continue to answer each one until I reach the end. After handing it in it's time to go for breakfast. I go out in the hall where on of my friends was waiting as he finished 2 or 3 minutes before me. We asked each other how it went, laughed because we didn't know the answers, but feel good and confident enough that we did good. Not a minute later our other friend comes out and it's off to get some food, it's now 10:15 AM.

I order pancakes for breakfast, the best part is that the three of us are their so often all we have to do is walk up and the lady knows exactly what we want and has it written down before we're at the counter. I usually change my order though, so everyday it's something new. Today was the first time I've had their pancakes, yesterday I had a waffle with strawberry sauce, it was delicious. We finish eating and my friend pulls out his laptop so we can look up some videos on for a good laugh.

After having a good laugh at some watching some videos I start contemplating whether or not I want to go to my next class. I know we'll just sit there and have to draw stuff, and I'm already not feeling good from all the pancakes and waking up early and that stuff. My one friend tells me that we get our projects back today, so I stay around so I can get it back. Once we get up to class and wait for the teacher to come, we get the projects back; I got an A-, nice. Then I'm off, but not towards home just yet. I drive over to my girlfriend's house for a surprise visit. She was just getting ready for class so my timing was perfect. After she gets ready and gathers her school stuff I take her and her roommate to class. Now, time to head home.

The weather is even worse than before, it's snowing and the wind has picked up greatly. Once I get out of town I have a hard time keeping my car straight, the wind is blowing into the side trying to push me and my car off the road, I won't have any of it and proceed to defeat the wind and its ways. The closer I get to home though the more the wind picks up. I get onto my road finally safe and sound and with just one kilometer to go, but it's one kilometer of wet and slushy gravel. With the combination of the wind and road conditions it was the worst kilometer I've driven in awhile, the road is now trying to pull me into the ditch with the help of the slush and wind. I get to my laneway, stop and get out of the car to check if we have mail. I can see the car tire tracks so I know the mail has come, someone has already gotten it. The red flag on the mailbox to inform of such a situation has not worked ever since I can remember. It really needs to be fixed. After parking my car and grabbing my book bag and project I run into the house to get out of the wind. Home at last. It's just after 2:00 PM.

As I write this it is now 3:33 PM and work as a Pizza Delivery Boy begins at 4:00 PM. Better start getting ready for work, the night hasn't even started.

To be continued...

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