Friday, February 23, 2007

Dennis Goddard - Illustration Class

This is one of my teachers talking about drawing and such last week. I didn't capture the video footage, another classmate did.

This is probably a lot funnier to me since he's my teacher and I know exactly how he acts, and he’s always like this. He just gets so excited about drawing…too excited actually. This is just a short little clip.

Notice how empty the class is though? Usually it's full but less than half the class showed up that day, their fault they missed out though I guess lol.


kahealani said...

ha ha! I have never seen someone so excitted about shading and shapes! LOL!

Dinner said...

LOL ya, he gets way too excited. He'll start talking about something then just stop and start talking about another thing. He says, "Yeah" a lot too lol.