Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's a Storm!

Woke up this morning to having no electricity at all, so that sucked. Couldn't shower or anything and the house was pretty cold. I called my girlfriend to let her know when we;d be leaving to go to my aunt and uncle's house for our supper thing. My girlfriend was out of power too and it ended up the whole town was. I don't live in town (I'm outside int he rural area) so it must've been a huge area that was out of power. It eventually cam back on though so that was good.

There had been a bunch of warnings out for freezing rain and everything for tonight, and it finally came a little after supper time. We had gone to our aunt and uncle's house (about a 45 minute drive) for a supper get together thing. It had started snowing there bus it wasn't bad. On our way home though one of the cities we go through was just absolutely covered in snow. You could even see the path ways of cars losing control on the roads. Almost saw a car lose control too, people just don't know how to drive when the weather gets bad.

As we got closer to home the winds picked up and there was more snow. We saw a car in the ditch...and mean it was IN the ditch. It was on the opposite side of the road and looks like the just gunned it right in. Not sure how they managed to do it, but they did. Not sure how long it had been there either, but I don't think it had happened to long ago.

We finally got home safe and sound with the power still on and all is good.

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