Monday, February 19, 2007

Favourite Site Reviews
After searching various sites looking for tips and tricks to making money online, I came across this site. What I liked the most were his articles on earning money using Google using Google AdSense and AdWords. There have been many sites I've come across that give tips and tricks, I feel though that this one had provided me with the best and more detailed information.
In a previous post I had talked about but I would like to get into more detail about it. It's basis is to make money for you Opinions. There are various topics started by other users where you have the chance to give your opinion, and get paid for it too. As expected with any site such as this there are those that feel like spamming will actually get them somewhere. Luckily Dorm Check has a great team of moderators that spend countless hours helping to solve the spam problem, which in turn leaves the site's discussions looking clean and leaves the rewards for those that deserve it. I've been a member now for 5 days and am close to earning $5...not bad at all. This won't get you rich quick, but I feel like it a great opportunity for those with a bit of extra time they can put towards expressing their opinions.

- The first feature I'd like to talk about are called Boosters you can sign-up to various sites and can be rewarded anywhere from $0.15 to $85!
- The next feature is upgrading your account to a Gold Membership status, this is not needed to use the site, but can help you in the long run. Gold Members get paid more per post and get access to a "Gold Members Only" forum where they can hang-out and discuss whatever, and even enter "Gold Member Only" contests.
- Third feature involve "PTC" ads, members are paid a certain amount of money to click these banner ads. Any member can ad there website banner to the list for a small fee.
- Last, but not least, a fun little feature they offer are called "Grab Bags." For a small price you can buy a Grab Bag, it's contents are unknown at the time of purchase, so this makes it a little more fun. You can win referrals (when new members sign-up who do not include a referral name you get the referral credit) or win banner impressions, or extra money.

As of now I'm spending most of my time on Dorm Check since I find it to be the most fun. is another site where you are paid for your opinions. It seems to me that myLot has a less pay-per-post amount, but they do offer more categories open for discussion than Dorm Check so, that means more opportunities to post and earn. The two main complaints I have with
myLot would be there overall layout and site design. It just seems too bland and boring for my taste. Sure, it's nice and simple but, I feel they should have a layout that offers a little more "up to date" feel. offers a "viewbar" you download and install into your browser, and in turn you are paid for the time you are surfing the internet. I can't really give a full review of the site since it is in Beta, but it look like it'll turn out to be a lot of fun. is a blog I've recently come across. His blog offers information on anything you can think of. I'm still in the process of searching through all of his posts but what I've seen so far I feel that the information he has to offer can be of benefit to everyone.

That's all of the reviews for now. The more sites I find I feel worthy to check out I'll post up my review here. Thanks for reading!


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