Monday, March 19, 2007

New Theme for the Blog

This afternoon and a little bit into the night I started and completed a new theme/look for my Wordpress blog those visiting this site please take a look since it's my most recent and up to date blog. Leave a comment there and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Everythign Good so Far

I've finally have been able to start posting on my new blog! For some reason it had kept messing up and whenever I posted it would put them in random spots instead of a the top :S. Plus, some things just wouldn't work right. But, after 6 re installations of Wordpress I've found the themed I like and have begun posting! My two tutorials have m=been posted over there and I'll begin with my daily rambling once I have something to ramble about lol. Check out my new blog!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Made the switch.

Well, as the title says I've made the switch... to what though you ask?

My own domain! As I right this my domain is not registered so there is nothing to see but a "Cannot be found" page. That should change by in the next day or two.

I've already got Wordpress installed so, I got that over and done with. It was very easy to do since my web host ( uses Fantastico which enables you to install Wordpress (and other nice features) without doing anything but putting in a bit of info. It literally took seconds to complete.
My site will also be used to host my online portfolio that I need to start working on. It's so hard to find time with so many projects on the go for school. I'll try to get a layout done asap and get my best work up.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Pictures @ • NEW!

I've posted up a bunch of new photos over at if anyone is interested in checking them out. Thanks!

Wow, another slow night.

Well, as the title says it was another slow night at work. Only 15 deliveries in total tonight...bad for a Saturday night. It really wasn't that busy in store either, sometimes we're rushing around and having a hard time just keeping up with the phones and making the orders. Not tonight though.

It's not all that bad, but more deliveries would mean more money for me. I was able to make $48 in tips out of those 15 deliveries, so that was good.

On one delivery the guy's laneway was just terrible. It was covered in ice and snow and was hard just to get in to. The trouble came though when I had to back out since there wasn't any room to turn around. When I started backing out I thought I was going straight but nope, just about ran into his electric fence and went off the laneway. I got stuck there but with me flooring it and him bouncing the car and pushing I was able to get out. I started backing out again, made to the end and thought I was safe, then I stopped moving. There was a huge hump of snow and ice that my car was stuck on. I couldn't even rock the car by going in reverse and first over and over. He tried pushing and bouncing but the car wasn't even moving. The tires just kept digging and digging deeper. He went to the house and got one of his buddies to help. With the two of them bouncing and pushing they were able to get me out. It didn't take too long, but it did suck a little lol.

BEFORE that happened though I had a little scare.... actually, I should say it was a big scare. I had deliveries I had to take out. The first place I went to I shut off my car (I usually don't though) since his laneway was on another road and I wouldn't be able to see it from his front door. I figured, might as well shut if off in case someone comes a long and decides they want to steal it. Anyways, I knocked on his door and heard my keys hit the cement porch (I don't know why I had them in my hand, any other times I put them right in my pocket). The porch was covered in I thought, "Shit, where'd they go." I see a hole between the porch and his house...dammit, not good. He tells me to go to the other door at the back. That means I didn't have to shut my car off dammit. I tell him I'm going to be around for a bit looking for my keys. He says that's all right, he lost his keys ice fishing and ended up finding them 1km away form where they were. So, at least he had faith I could get them lol. I go back and start digging up snow and ice and feeling around for my keys. My fingers are killing, I'm wearing no gloves and the ice is tearing up my fingertips. No luck. I know my keys must've gotten into that little porch hole. I go back and knock on the door and ask for a flashlight. He gives me one and turns on the porch light. I look around, nothing. I look in that little hole and there they are! I was lucky the hole wasn't that deep. I assumed the hole went done all the way to the ground or something; I would've been screwed if it had. It was deep and small enough though I couldn't get my hand in to grab my keys. I had to find a stick to pull them out. I finally did it! I gave the light back, and headed off for my next delivery. And if you are asking.... no, I don't have a spare key. I actually had one made last Friday, but it doesn't work :(.

I don't want to sound religious or anything, and in NO way I am, but I feel everything does happen for a reason. Example, last week it took about 2 hours to get into and start my car. Everything was actually frozen so much it took awhile to get into my car, then I couldn't even turn the key and damn was I pissed off. When I did start it, I noticed I needed to get gas. After that on my way to school I took the main road in (I usually go the back way, but I needed the gas) and on that road there were 4 accidents that had recently happened. At 2 of them the cops hadn't even arrived yet. I though to myself, maybe it was a good thing it took so long to get my car going, I could've been in one of those.

I'm not sure what dropping my keys did for me, if anything, but I feel there might have been something that could've happened if I hadn't.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Slow Night at Work...

Work wasn't busy at all tonight. It's kinda boring sometimes but, then again it lets us get everything done that needs to be on time. I had a total of 9 deliveries tonight...9 deliveries in 7 hours of work means very slooooow lol. I managed to get $30 in tips though so that's alright. Plus, less deliveries means less gas wasted which means I save money.

Nothing exciting really happened tonight. Something that DID happen though...a trucker decided to come in 15 minutes before we closed to get fries and wings. He complained about how long it was going to take (he was told 10 minutes, it takes 10 minutes to just to deep fry the wings). When he came in I had just finished mopping the floor. He didn't even notice and walked all over it. He was rude to the girl that was serving him. Complained about the time, complained that he MIGHT get a ticket for being stopped on the side of the road (his problem, not ours) he told the girl to put salt on his fries. He didn't ask his words were, "You'll put salt on my fries." Now, we don't have salt handy behind the counter and why? because the salt was about 3 feet from where he was standing so any customer can use it. Some people....gah.

So that's it for tonight. It's almost 12:30 and I have to get up early for class tomorrow. Bed time!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

PayPerPost: Design our New Affiliate Badges

PayPerPost: Design our New Affiliate Badges

A cool contest being held at PayPerPost.

I'm hoping to get some time to throw something together for this.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Good Thing I Stayed Home.

I was sitting here in my room on my laptop when I heard a truck air horn go off. I look outside and see that my dad got his truck and trailer stuck at the end of our laneway when he was trying to turn in. It ends up there was a pretty big drift there after the snow plows had gone by this morning. When they go by they always leave a whole bunch of extra snow at the end of our laneway then with the wind lowing like crazy and all the snow the drift gets bigger and bigger. Good thing I was home though to help pull him out. We just got our other truck hooked 'er up and floored it. All tires were spinning since our laneway is icy but, we got the truck and trailer out! It was fun lol. Oh, our other truck is a Dodge Ram 3500 V6 Cummins Twin-Turbo Diesel....gotta love the power of a ram :).

BlogSire � The Importance Of Hosting Your Own Blog!

BlogSire � The Importance Of Hosting Your Own Blog!

Here's an article from Blog Sire talking about the importance of hosting your blog, instead of using a free host such as Blogger It's a short article but, provides some info if you want to start hosting your own blog. I'm thinking of possibly switching in the future to Wordpress and having my very own site. That way I'll have more freedom, and be able to have my portfolio and everything all in one place.

First Day Back to School from March Break

But, I'm not going lol. I do have a reason though! It's storming here like crazy and I'm in no mood to go driving out in it when I can just stay home and do the work here. My teacher has what we need to do online so it's not like I'm totally missing out. I also just got a call not too long ago from my girlfriend saying it's storming really bad where she is (she's close to where I'm supposed to be lol) so I figure I might as well stay home where I'm safe.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Importance Of Deep Linking � John Chow dot Com

The Importance Of Deep Linking � John Chow dot Com

Here's another great article by John Chow on the importance of deep linking, if the title didn't give it away already. He talks about why deep linking is important and how it can benefit you and your blog. I suggest reading it over once or twice and put his advise to use, he knows what he'd doing ;).


Spicypage | Submit your site or blog free, let community vote on it, view most popular

I've just found this site and added my other blog (Your Graphic Design) to it. It seems like a nice community to post your site and have people rate and comment on it, also good to help get some traffic coming your way. Since I just signed up I can't really say much about it, but it's worth checking out!

Volleyball Tournament at MAC Univeristy

This morning I got up early so I could get picked up by friend's mom to go watch the last bit of a volleyball tournament at Mac University in Hamilton, Ontario. My friend goes to school there and his mom just lives up the road so I tagged along lol.

There were 4 games today, the last being the final/"gold medal round." The two last teams competing for the gold were a university form Winnipeg against a university from Alberta. The set-up was best 3 out of 5 games, and they ended up playing all five games. It was some intense volleyball (not sure how many fans of volleyball are there) but, it was great to watch.

One thing that surprised me was the amount of missed serves. Either the serves were going out or into the net...and it wasn't just once or twice, it was happening a lot. I know my coach would've killed us if we lost that many serves. Overall it was great to watch some real university volleyball live. I'm so tired though I'm ready for bed....and it's only 9:10 PM lol.

It's a Short One Tonight

Just a quick little post tonight. I have to go to MAC University early tomorrow morning to watch a volleyball tournament, and it's about a 2 hour drive. I should already be in bed, but I have to blog! Lol.

Work was good. It stormed off and on all night, again i had 14 deliveries, which is weird. The last little while I keep getting the same amount of deliveries...*confused*

Anyways, off to bed I go! Not sure when I'll be back tomorrow. It just all depends on the weather and everything.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Still Not Feeling Well.

Last night the power decided to go out, it happened literally about 10 min after I made my post last night, and didn't come back on until 4:00 PM today. My house got pretty cold too, which wasn't fun. And no power means no Internet, which again is no fun. I had to work at 4:30 so I was able to check my emails and blog comments before going but, not enough time to make an actual post. It's 11:45 PM right now, just got back from my girlfriend's. I went to her place after work.

When I got there her and her mom were watching a movie...The Departed I think it was called. It was one crazy movie. I missed the first half hour but was able to see the rest. It has a lot of big names in it...Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Jack Nicholson, and a bunch more! Here's some more info if you're interested.

A little warning though there's some nudity, tons of swearing, and lots of blood.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Boo Work

As in my previous post I've talked about the weather. I can hear the wind roaring outside and it's pretty loud. I had the same amount of deliveries as last week, but the tips amount was down. So, that means my theory of "When the weather gets worse the people get cheaper" was ringing true tonight. Most people always made a comment to about how bad the weather is and glad they aren't driving in it....I kind of laugh, but on the inside I'm swearing my head off. Don't complain to me about the weather and how no one should be driving in it then call the store and want ME to bring you your supper. Some people don't think. Another thing that doesn't help is I became sick literally over night and still had to work and drive in this weather...I also woke up at 7:30 AM because I wasn't feeling good and couldn't sleep (I was awake for longer but that's when I actually got out of bed). It's now 12:30am...that's like 17 hours I've been awake! No good at all when I'm feeling like this. I'll be going to bed soon though. I can't wait!

Another Storm!

The news/weather people have been talking about freezing rain and storms heading our way for that last couple of days. Sure enough it came last night. It's been freezing rain all morning and all the school buses for elementary and high school were canceled. As of right now it's not freezing rain but, it's definitely a storm. I just looked out the window and you can't see anything the snow is blowing so hard. Work will do fun tonight *rolls eyes*...and add to that I didn't get any sleep last night because I came down with something during the night so I'm feeling like crap. Oh well, hopefully I'll start feeling better before work.