Sunday, February 25, 2007

Days in the Life of a Pizza Delivery Boy • Chapter 6

This night starts with an unexpected turn. It was 4:20 PM when the phone rang. I saw on the call display that it was my work calling, "Uh-oh" I thought, uh-oh was right. My boss tells me that I need to come in and deliver for a bit because something is up with the other driver. I said ok and she knew I had plans tonight so I didn't have to work ALL night, just until 9:00 PM.

In my previous chapters I had talked about Friday sand how it was supposed to be busy, then wasn't. Well, tonight was crazy busy! I worked 4:30-9:00 and within those 4 and a half hours I had done that same amount of deliveries as I did last night working 8 hours. The orders were constantly coming in and going out. I managed though, and walked away with some tips.

The party tonight wasn't the greatest but it was still good. Everyone was in The Shack upstairs, that where the kerosene heater is. We also have a bed and couch up there too. The place was packed with people, it's not a big space to begin with so that doesn't help. Everyone of course had been drinking since who knows when so, the party had definitely started without me. I wasn't overly excited to be drinking and my rum and coke just wasn't doing it for me. Not sure why since I haven't been to a party in awhile, oh well maybe next time. Time for me to head to bed though, it's late and we're having this family dinner thing tomorrow (Sunday) so we'll be there almost all day.

My stories will continue...

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