Friday, March 9, 2007

Slow Night at Work...

Work wasn't busy at all tonight. It's kinda boring sometimes but, then again it lets us get everything done that needs to be on time. I had a total of 9 deliveries tonight...9 deliveries in 7 hours of work means very slooooow lol. I managed to get $30 in tips though so that's alright. Plus, less deliveries means less gas wasted which means I save money.

Nothing exciting really happened tonight. Something that DID happen though...a trucker decided to come in 15 minutes before we closed to get fries and wings. He complained about how long it was going to take (he was told 10 minutes, it takes 10 minutes to just to deep fry the wings). When he came in I had just finished mopping the floor. He didn't even notice and walked all over it. He was rude to the girl that was serving him. Complained about the time, complained that he MIGHT get a ticket for being stopped on the side of the road (his problem, not ours) he told the girl to put salt on his fries. He didn't ask his words were, "You'll put salt on my fries." Now, we don't have salt handy behind the counter and why? because the salt was about 3 feet from where he was standing so any customer can use it. Some people....gah.

So that's it for tonight. It's almost 12:30 and I have to get up early for class tomorrow. Bed time!


kahealani said...

They include delivery charges now in the total. I thought that was why I was giving a tip. You know, thanks for delivering my pizza dude, heres 3 bucks. I mean the delivery charge takes the fun out of it. Why does the company have to take a piece of the pie?

Dinner said...

With us, in town deliveries are free and tips are just expected, but not garuanteed since some people are cheap. So, some will pay with debit so they won't have to tip. Even when some pay with cash they'll ask for a buck back leaving me like 10 cents or something. Some are good tippers, other's aren't.

Out-of-town deliveries though I get to make up a delivery's usually anywhere between 2-5 dollars. It all depends on how far out it is and the weather/road conditions.