Thursday, March 1, 2007

Another Storm!

The news/weather people have been talking about freezing rain and storms heading our way for that last couple of days. Sure enough it came last night. It's been freezing rain all morning and all the school buses for elementary and high school were canceled. As of right now it's not freezing rain but, it's definitely a storm. I just looked out the window and you can't see anything the snow is blowing so hard. Work will do fun tonight *rolls eyes*...and add to that I didn't get any sleep last night because I came down with something during the night so I'm feeling like crap. Oh well, hopefully I'll start feeling better before work.


rayhedrick said...

Where are you located? It's still snowing here in good ol' Cortland, NY.

I can't be mad, though... it's good for the snowboarding.

kahealani said...

Some places got snow. Did you get snow too?

Dinner said...

I'm on Ontario, Canada ;)

We got very little snow, it was mostly rain. It actually rained more later on in the night, and still is raining :( I thought it'd cool down and start snowing, but nope just more rain. Tomorrow will be bad though since everything is wet and is just going to freeze. I won't be working until 4:30 PM so hopefully they'll have the roads cleaned up a bit.